World Diabetes Day

Happy Sweet Day

Hi readers, on the occasion of World Diabetes Day, we at GoNirog Healthcare are here to spread awareness of this very common but dangerous disease. People believe that diabetes causes due to the consumption of excessive of sugar but this is true only to some extent. Diabetes actually happens because there is inadequate production of insulin or the cells of the body stop responding to insulin properly. Due to this, the blood sugar levels go haywire and which results in causing “Diabetes” which, unfortunately, is a long-term disease.

Diabetes is basically of 2 types:

  • Type 1 Diabetes:

    In this type, the body doesn’t produce sufficient insulin. Other name for this kind of diabetes are – Insulin-dependent diabetes, early-onset diabetes, juvenile diabetes. According to research, 10% cases end up being the type 1 diabetes. People suffering with type-1 diabetes have to take insulin injections for the rest of their life. These people have to ensure that their blood sugar levels are maintained by taking injections and proper diets and this diet may include the following steps:

Early Morning- Fenugreek (methi) seeds with 1 cup of water

Tea without Sugar – 1 cup (35 calories)

Marie biscuits – 2 (56 calories)


Breakfast – Stuffed methi/palak /lauki paratha – 2 small (200 calories)

Curd – 50 gm (30 calories)


Egg white / Paneer Bhurji – 1 medium bowl (130 calories)

Plain roti  (no oil) – 2 small (130 calories)


Vegetable poha/upama/oats/daliya – 1 soup bowl (230 calories)


Lunch – Salad (10 mins before lunch) – 1 medium bowl (30 calories)

Capsicum + gobhi veg – 1 medium bowl (85 calories)

Dal – 1 soup bowl (130 calories)

Phulka (no ghee) – 2 (175 calories)


Evening – Milk / green tea / herbal tea / lemon water – 1 cup (35 calories)

Roasted chana + Muri – 1 cup (85 calories)


Dinner – Salad (10 minutes before dinner)

Phulka (no ghee) – 2 (150 calories)

Lauki veg – 1 cup (85 calories)

Curd – 1 cup (30 calories)


  • Type 2 Diabetes:

    In this type, the body does not produce enough insulin for proper functioning , or the cells in the body do not react to insulin which is known as Insulin Resistance. Being overweight and obese increases the risk of becoming the victim of this type of diabetes. This kind of diabetes can be controlled by people by controlling their weight , following a proper diet, doing a lot of exercise and keeping a check on their glucose levels. The people suffering with type 2 diabetes can include the following food items in their daily diets:

  • Bran can be added in your flours to reduce the glucose levels and increase fiber.
  • Whole wheat breads , Multi-grain breads with broken grains are healthier than refined flour breads. So, they will be really beneficial if added to the daily dietary plan.
  • Majority of vegetables are low in glucose and can be liberally used in day to day life. One must always  eat variety of vegetables than repeating the same ones every day.
  • Include brown rice over white rice. You can read more benefits of brown rice from our previously published article : Types of Rice-Sweet Brown Rice, Wehani Rice, Brown Basmati Rice
  • You can enjoy the whole wheat varieties of pastas and noodles. These are easily available in  supermarkets these days.
  • Salads should be a compulsory part of both main meals. This provides fiber and helps in slow release of glucose in the blood stream.