Types of Rice-Sweet Brown Rice, Wehani Rice, Brown Basmati Rice


Sweet Brown Rice:

It is short and plump and looses its shape when cooked. Sweet brown rice becomes very sticky after it is cooked. It is sometimes called sushi rice and as the name suggests, it is used for preparing sushi and a variety of Chinese dishes. It is low in fats but rich in protein, iron, and fiber.

Due to its sticky texture/consistency, it is used in preparing desserts such as rice puddings. Sweet brown rice contains a number of nutrient benefits in the form of vitamin B, thiamin, riboflavin, niacin, vitamin B12, B6, and manganese. The grains are wholesome and deliciously yummy to taste.

Wehani Rice:

The color of the rice is almost similar to that of almonds. It was bred in India from a Basmati type seed. When cooked, it leaves a nutty fragrance just like other aromatic rices. The rice is often sold whole with its bran on. After it is cooked, the rice changes color and becomes slightly chewy. It is said that the cooked rice has an aroma which is similar to roasted peanuts and popcorn. Although Wehani® Rice is a trademark but it is one of the types of rice so we had to mention it.

If taken proper care, this variety of rice can be stored up to a year. It is necessary to keep grains away from humidity to increase and maintain their life span.

Brown Basmati Rice:

All of us are familiar with this category of rice. Basmati is nothing but long grain polished rice which has a distinct aroma. When cooked it has a delicious fragrance which instantly leaves your mouth watering.

In case you are more conscious about your health but still love to have rice, it is advisable to go for brown rice rather than the white one. Brown rice has its outer layer intact which contains all the necessary nutrients whereas white rice is a polished version of brown rice.

Polished/processed rice has a magnificent taste but lacks in nutritional value. Most of the vitamins and minerals are lost during the abrasive polishing and grinding process. Always remember that the healthiest version of rice, whether brown or white is the whole grain version or unpolished rice.

Image Source: natural-bodybuilding.de