Welcoming Winters

Greetings to all the avid readers, as you know the chill in the air is rising day by day. And the season has finally come when people bring out their warm blankets and put back the thin sheets that they have been using these days to cover them at night. The sunlight these days gives a soothing feeling instead of the burning sensation of summers. There is a strange fun in sitting at home covered in your quilt watching TV and munching on some peanuts with your family.

But, it doesn’t matter how pleasant or relaxing this season may seem, it always brings its own problems and issues which affect an individual’s health. These problems include:

  • Dry skin which is the most common and most frustrating issue;
  • Cold and cough is the second most irritating problem;
  • And others may include swollen hands and feet.

These tiny issues can cause a lot of stress because dealing with them is frustrating to the core.

Following are some solutions that we suggest you should take care of these winters before stepping out of your houses:

Dry Skin

  • As a precaution, you can apply moisturizer on the exposed skin which consists of your hands, feet, face and neck.
  • And you can also apply mustard oil at the navel after taking bath which is a very old yet very effective solution for the dry skin problem of winters.
  • If you seek more solutions to this recurring problem, you can also refer to our earlier published article about Home Remedies for Dry Skin and Hair

Cold and Cough

  • You can avoid eating sour and icy things for instance lemony drinks, ice cream, tomato rich dishes, oranges. you can keep yourselves covered at all times so the chilly wind cannot make you its victim.
  • And it’s important to take proper precautions because once an individual is affected by the cold then the whole season will pass by but curing the cough and cold will be very difficult.

Swollen hands and feet

  • This can be cured by putting your hands and feet in hot water in which you can sprinkle some salt to make it more effective.
  • To make sure that this condition does not occur, you can wear socks and gloves whenever going outside
  • And you can also make sure that you are not sitting with feet hanging for a long time because the blood circulation is disrupted which results in swollen feet.

You can also fulfill your urge of giving winters a healthy yet tasty welcome you can further go to our previously published article whose link is given below. So, click away and find more ways you can enjoy this cozy season:

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So, these are some pointers following which you can pass by winters without any tension and enjoy it as well. We at GoNirog Healthcare wish you a very happy and healthy winter. Keep following our articles to enjoy this calming and pretty weather with full spirit.

To be Continued…..