Headache And Ginger:

  • Mixing equal amounts of Ginger extract and milk and then snorting the mixture will help in headache.
  • Grating and smelling the mixture of ginger extract, molasses, rock salt ( Sendha namak), leaves of sacred fig (peepal tree) will cure all the head related problems.
  • The headache caused by heat is cured by pouring some drops of ginger extract in your nose.
  • Applying the grinded ointment of ginger and cow’s milk or breast milk on the forehead definitely benefits in headaches.
  • Smelling the mixture of the brew of dry ginger and milk can cure the headache caused by other diseases.

Mustard oil only for five days:

  • Pour 2 drops of mustard oil in your both nostrils for five nights and you’ll be relieved of cold and cough . The blockage of nose during winter season will also be cured if this is done regularly.

Weekly use of Parsley (Ajwain):

  • Take a teaspoon of parsley with water on an empty stomach and remember not to chew it. This will help in cold-cough, body pain, back ache, stomach ache, constipation and knee pain. For children who are 20 years and below should take 1/2 spoon i.e. 2 gram and people who are above 20 years of age should take 1 spoon i.e. 4 grams of parsley.

Improve your eyesight:

  • Separate the seeds from the fruit of Indravarna take the slice of the fruit and tie it to your forehead before sleeping at night and make sure that the juice doesn’t get in your eyes. This will definitely improve your eyesight.
  • Wash your eyes with filtered water of triphala powder after keeping it overnight. The use of this will benefit in poor eyesight.
  • Jal-neti also helps in improving eyesight. This also helps in curing the diseases related to eyes, nose and ears.