Aarogya – Protect your eyes

Just for your precious eyes:

  • Pain in eyes –

    In case your eyes are sore because of heat, tie a bandage of grated gourd and this will treat your sore eyes almost immediately.

  • Watery eyes –

    Close your eyes and put the pulp of neem leaves on your eyelashes, this will definitely benefit. This little home remedy is also beneficial in case of poor eyesight. Perform the activity of “Jal-niti” daily. Eat green gram (Moong) only for 15 days. Take 3 tablets of Triphala Gugal thrice in a day, and during the night again take 3 tablets of Triphala with warm water. Wash your eyes with water of boric powder, this will definitely benefit you in the case of watery eyes.

  • Cataract and Glaucoma –

    New cataract will be benefitted by pouring the extract of tesu or palash flower. This also benefits in glaucoma.To get relief in glaucoma apply the mixture of rose water and spreading hogweed (vishkhapra or punarnava) just like you apply kajal in your eyes.