Aarogya – The Pointed Gourd (Parwal or Patol)

Parwal: some hidden benefits of the rarely eaten vegetable

The pointed gourd is found in the plains of North India, Assam and East Bengal. It has 2 types of species-

  1. Sweet Patol
  2. Bitter Patol

The sweet patol is usually used as a vegetable. And the bitter patol is used in making some medicines.

Patol is rich in proteins, fats, minerals, salt, carbohydrates, nicotinic acid, riboflavin, vitamin C etc. Patol, eaten as a vegetable, helps in digestion. It also helps to cure typhoid, jaundice and stomach problems.

The various diseases it helps to cure are:

  • Sweet patol, if cooked with ghee, cures eye related problems.
  • 5ml juice of Patol leaves mixed with honey gives relief in blood infection.
  • Sweet Patol eaten as vegetable cures skin problems and leprosy.
  • Drinking 2 spoons of green patol leaves’ juice will surely help you in reducing acidity. If you want more cures for acidity then read our other article named: Aarogya – Home remedies for acidity
  • Patol is digestive, it is beneficial for heart and light. It provides energy to body and also cures cough, worms in abdomen and three root causes of diseases – cough, heat and gas.