Aarogya – Improve Back Pain

Cure for Back Pain and other illnesses:

  • Soak 50 grams of wheat grains overnight. In the morning, grind 25 grams of kernel of poppy (खसखस) seeds, coriander and make a chutney of it and add the soaked wheat grains to it as well. Cook this with cow’s milk and prepare a kheer out of it. Consuming this for 2 weeks will benefit in back pain and along with that this will also cure indigestion and the overall strength of the body will also increase.
  • Chewing the “walnut giria” early morning helps in back pain, knee pain and arthritis. This also helps in increasing the mental strength.
  • If any part is injured and there is swelling then you should make a packed of rock salt and tie it at the affected part. This will decrease the pain eventually.
  • If you are having a migraine or just a single side of the head is paining then you should pour 6-7 drops of mustard oil in that side’s nostril and also snort the mustard oil. This will immediately help in the pain.
  • Note – people suffering from back pain should not have rice, things made from common flour, things that are fried or barbequed.