International Day of Persons with Disabilities

Hi readers, whenever come across any person with any sort of disability, a sudden feeling just passes through and that feeling is generally labeled as “pity.” People with disabilities try to live their lives normally and happily but there are some antisocial elements in our society who bully them. These anti social elements are the constant reminder for these people that they have some disability that hinders their regular life.

To aware people of the situations that the persons with disabilities are facing, The UN declared 3rd December as the International Day of Persons with Disabilities. This day is a day of public observance and not a public holiday.

On this day, the UN took a step to make the lives of persons with disabilities easier so that they do not have to make much efforts. This day re-affirms and draws attention towards the rights of the people living with disabilities.

What Do People Do?

To celebrate this day or to spread awareness about this day, people in many countries organize events in which they invite these people. These events may include art exhibitions promoting artwork by people with disabilities.

Other events take the form of protests to highlight the difficulties disabled people have in playing a full role in society.

Purpose of this post being published on a healthcare blog is to aware our readers about this very important day and about the way of acceptance and efforts of our society.

They are not deformed but unique, Don’t detest them but accept them!!