The Common – Common Flu

Hello readers, hope that you are having a great day. We at GoNirog Healthcare are just here to remind you that winter season is almost upon us with all its might. So, it’s important that before you step out of your house, you have all the reinforcements with you which include: proper warm sweaters, warm water, gloves, socks etc. During this season there are many headlines in the news about how this season brings different diseases along with it and these headlines are somewhat true. These diseases also include the most common one which is “Common Flu.” This is something that most likely cannot be helped as it gets transmitted through air in the environment. Yet, keeping yourself shielded from chilling winds is always helpful.

Flu is one disease that is really easy to catch but a bit difficult to get rid of. The studies suggest that flu is at the peak during the brunt of winter which are the months of December, January and February. It is generally very difficult to avoid being a victim of the common flu but you can take some precautionary steps so you cannot catch it in the first place.

  • You should drink “warm beverages” like: Tea, Coffee, Soup etc and on the other hand avoid cool drinks which may include: cold drinks, ice-slushies, smoothies, shakes etc. The warm drinks will ensure that the your breathing is easy at all times, that is, your nose will not be blocked and hence the formation of phlegm will be minimal. You can go to our previously published blog about green tea because it is really healthy drink and definitely beneficial in winters: Go Green With Your Tea
  • In winters, “dishes” which have a “sour taste” like: dishes which include a major portion of lemon, tomato rich dishes, yogurt (or curd in common tongue) etc. should be ignored because these dishes will make your throat itchy which will make it miserable and more prone to catching a flu from the surroundings.
  • The other things that you can take care of are the way you dress yourself during this season, because you don’t want to leave yourself open for attack and vulnerable to the chilly wind. It’s not all about following fashion because in this weather your top priority should be your health and after that everything else because if you are unhealthy then you cannot go anywhere to show off your fashion sense. So, while stepping out make sure that you are properly covered and you shall not catch the common cold.

But, even after following the above mentioned methods, you have caught this disease, then also there is no need to be worried because there are several home remedies which you can follow and be cured really fast. For instance,

  • You can have gram flour-pudding (Besan halwa) before going to bed. It is supposed to have a warm effect and thus helps in reducing congestion and it will definitely lower your fever. Remember to have this before going to bed and not roam around because it will not have that much effect otherwise. The recipe for the pudding is given below:

Ghee 1/2 cup.

Milk 2 cups.

Raisins wash and pat dry 2 tablespoons.

Cashew nuts chopped 10-12.

Almonds slivered 12-15.

  • You can boil a bowl full of water and after that you can cover your head with a towel while putting your head over the bowl and just inhale the warm steam of the water. This will help you majorly in the congestion and the itchy throat. After this process don’t roam outside, cover yourself immediately otherwise the desired effect will not be there.
  • You should always stay hydrated because if not you may feel nauseous and a lack of energy.
  • You should eat nutritious food so that there’s no deficiency in your body and you could recover as soon as possible.

Remember folks, the common flu is the easiest caught disease because people normally don’t take care of themselves. So, stay safe and stay healthy, that’s what we at GoNirog Healthcare recommend.

To Be Continued….